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A bit about myself

Very Happy to be Retired from working for someone else.
I worked for 37 years & loved each Job I had .

 I like working with my computer now and  teaching myself  how to become creative, it is a slow process, but fun. I have learned so much from Micheal's Retreat , over the yrs & others places. Wow,
 thank you so much
to each and everyone of you.

 One day when I was pushing on buttons at MR , I found myself creating a New Forum, named Mtn Star's Place
. Never new I could do something like this, how fun it has been and most challenging . I am slow in getting it all figured out, & sure would like to have some friends from Micheal's retreat & The Official Roy Dupuis  Site for some help, to Moderate & Administrate  & Thank you Sue, for your assistance on the similes. I do have them up loaded into my images, but still have not gotten them into where every one can use them. one day I hope.
I love to go camping with my Husband Tom, 69d368c019b31a8b2fd24dc827b3f8fd2f49a6e3we go to places in the mountains that are very very close to us, & spend a week or so just loving nature & climbing rocks, riding our bicycles, and driving around in our SUV, the Pathfinder.
 We love to work on our house, in side and out.
We have a big project that we are going to continue, in a week or so, which is our Iron Fence. We have the back yard to finish.  The man that has been making it, is up for the challenge to continue and I will help & hope my husband will to.60d365f2176b1db7272f4dc423d1f695e68ad39e
  we have been saving our $$ every month for the last year. and hope it will be done by summer's end. sure takes a long time to make it and Rust it, that is what takes the longest.
We also love going to Church and doing Bible Studies , fellow shipping, having a great time together, eating well and Praying for our Family & Friends.

           That is just some of the things we do.

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    Welcome to Mtn Star's Place another New place to talk about all of the
 La Femme Nikita Series & Movies and lots of other things.
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so now

Come & have some Fun 99216e101d294421fff916f54f9c04d75312ae1d

Mtn Star

My favorite sites

Michael's Retreat
Roy dupuis fan club
Mtn Star's Place
Operations,the leader of section one-LFN  Facebook page
Nikita FB pages
You Tube
and always growing

My Hobbies

My hobbies go along with the seasons

Wintertime is a big favorite living among the mountains and playing in the snow, relaxing, reflecting, watching TV & reading and Holiday fun.

Spring is of new growth watching the Tulips and flowers come to life, the grass turning green, trees buds sprouting , preparing the ground for food. oh, Spring cleaning too, and starting on new projects for the year, and doing the taxes, Lol

Summer time is for Camping and travel and just lots of Fun

Fall is watching the Color changes, camping, Harvesting the food, baking, cooking ,and sharing all.

Friends and Animals are fun too.

So this is just a few of my hobbiesBlue_butterflyBlue_butterflyBlue_butterfly

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